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PODCASTS MOVED TO YOUTUBE: Speaking up about EVERYTHING revolving around Cecilia Steyn, the Krugersdorp Killers, Electus Per Deus and many others. Exposing things that NO ONE knows about. Author upcoming release, ”The Best Friend | Chronicles of the Krugersdorp Killers”. Visit for more info.

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Thursday Feb 11, 2021

The "weird and bizarre" moments kept extending regarding astralling topics with Cecilia Steyn... which still keep me wondering if they were just dreams or if they were real, yet it is impossible for me to deny them... especially with the vast amount of extreme evidence... and the bigger question being, "Was Cecilia Steyn trying to kill me while I was her friend?" ... Except now, in what I relate, God was obviously kept stepping in to save me...
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Friday Feb 05, 2021

With Marinda Steyn trying to discredit me as a viable witness, she ends up giving me far more credit without realizing it. Her unbelievable lie about me on the stand, during the trial, is both humorous and a major backfire on her behalf.
Uncut & Raw#KrugersdorpKillers 

Thursday Feb 04, 2021

MINDSPLAT! Can someone explain this away because none of us could!? Not even investigators or the prosecutor could. VERY weird events with Cecilia Steyn that no one knows about.
PLUS ... A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH insight into helping people understand how we were so easily fooled!!
Uncut & Raw#KrugersdorpKillers

Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

The utter disgusted look on Cecilia's face for me being brought to her house, for "introduction", without "her permission". My complete confusion that she was nothing of what I had expected...
Uncut & Raw#KrugersdorpKillers

Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

This is something I have never told anyone about. Never once uttered even one word about it... simply, because it still baffles my mind.
Uncut & Raw#KrugersdorpKillers

Who Am I? (Part 1)

Tuesday Jan 26, 2021

Tuesday Jan 26, 2021

In trying to describe or explain who I am as a person, even briefly, I thought might help people understand why I ended up being Cecilia Steyn's best friend. And, also, to possibly help people understand why I did what I did, how it effected me back then and all these years later.
Uncut & Raw#KrugersdorpKillers

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